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Cancel a Trip

Customer Cancellation Policy 

If a client cancels the trip 2 hours or more before the scheduled start time, they are not charged a cancellation fee. If the trip is cancelled with less than 2 hours notice, the client will be charged $50. 

If a client does not show for a scheduled trip they will be charged 50% of their total booking or $50, whichever is higher. This policy is also applicable if:

  • 45 minutes have passed and the customer cannot be reached. 
  • The customer makes no contact with the driver or Kater to explain their absence. 
  • The driver is dismissed or service is refused at the time of pick-up without cancelling the booking in advance. 

If a trip is cancelled in progress the client will be charged for the whole scheduled time. Additional fees may also apply if the driver needs to arrange their own transportation back to the pickup location.

Once a trip is booked its the clients responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in good driving condition. If for any reason, the car is not in a good driving condition or does not have valid insurance, the trip will be cancelled and $50 cancellation fee will be charged to the client. 



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